Patcon Group provides a full range of services including Analysis, Design and Development
of solutions. These solutions are provided across a wide spectrum of technologies.
We provide value to our customers by offering several customer benefits to them
including speed to market, high quality people and processes, cutting edge technology
expertise and a full service portfolio. Our Services include:




Software Developement

Our Software Division comprises of several in-house engineers covering
a broad spectrum of Applications.

  • Object Oriented Application
  • Client-Server Application
  • Web Enabled Applications

Domain Area
IT- Environment


WEB Portal Development

PATCON designs and  develop scalable  WEB portals  and WEB enabled  applications for  the business needs of our   customer.  We Offer full service in: Analysis, Design, Develop, WEB HOSTING, and Operations of  a WEB Portals,  where   security and performance plays an important role. To  address the client’s Business requirements, we  have implemented a ‘Distributed-Computing Multi-Tier Architecture for the development of our Portals. Three distinct tiers can be identified in this architecture, which host different components. The rest tier  comprising usage of thin  client. The Business components to form the second tier. The database forms the third tier. This also enables maximum independence of the Business Layer and the Database Layer.

Tools and  skills used for  the Portal development are

Requirements Analysis + Design Tools


Graphical Design + Multimedia

Dreamwaver, Flash, Real Audio,  Photoshop 6.0


EAI Technologies

WEB Server, Application Server:  BEA WEB LOGIC, WEBSPHERE, TOMCAT, ASP,  and Transaction Server

Distributed computing Technologies – Middleware

COM, ActiveX, Javabeans


Oracle, MS SQL Server

Programming / Scripting Languages


markup Languages


 WEB Portal are  developed for  the following business applications:
E Business
: - B- B and B-C Applications
:  Internet Portal for distance Learning and  for Company  Training Program
  Applications for  Govt. Authorities and for  Users
: WEB based CRM, Supply Chain Management
Telecom :
  Online Process  & Product Documentation, WEB based CRM

Multimedia, Product Presentation, Company Documentation and Publishing

WEB Hosting and  ADSL

Patcon  is  reseller of  a  leading Internet Service Provider for  WEB Hosting and  ADSL  Broadband Internet Services
in Switzerland.

WEB Portals

Please visit our  e-Govt.  web portal


Domain Area

  • Telecom: Mobile, Fixed Wire and data Services
  • Banking
  • CRM-Customer Relation Management (Case Study: In house Communication)
  • Inventory Control
  • Real Time & Embedded Systems









In-house Communication:

An Example:

Development of Customer Relation Management Solution for a new business area of
In-house Communication for a leading Telecom Operator & Service Provider from Switzerland

Patcon was involved in throughout the life cycle of Service Development

  • Business Process Analysis based on the business plan
  • IT Requirements Analysis
  • Detailed Design of IT Solution
  • Development based on Oracle 8.0,Windows NT, VB6.0, VB for Word, Crystal reports
  • Unit and Integration Test and User Training
  • Roll out and implementation at Sales Office

The project was executed successfully and well in time.













Object Oriented Development Environment
Analysis + Design : UML
Tools: Java, C++, HTML, XML, Java Beans, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, JFC
Middle Ware: Corba, EJB, Servlets, JSP

Client-Server Environment
Server: Oracle 8, Windows NT, Unix, PL*SQL, Pro*C,
Client: Visual Basic,Power Builder, Developer2000, VC++, Crystal Reports, VB for Office
DB-Design: Designer 2000
DB-Tuning: Oracle Tools

Internet Technology:
Analysis+Design: UML
lient: Visual Café, Dreamweaver, Flash, Visual Interdev, Jbuilder
Web Server: Appache
Applicaton Server: Weblogic, IIS
Database: Oracle 8i, Sql Server 7.0 , Ms-Access97













Software Development Process:

Software Development Process USDP: (Unified Software Development Process)

About USDP

  • A Systematic Approach to plan the Activities and the Responsibilities
  • Supports object-oriented and Component based Software Development
  • A Controlled Iterative Process
  • Use Cases ( of UML) based
  • Design & Development of robust Software-Architecture
  • Includes "Best Practices"
  • IT Industry Standard

Advantages of USDP

A comparison of traditional Waterfall based Waterfall or V-Modell has the following advantages:

  • Risks can be recognized and can be reduced sooner
  • Changes can be managed better
  • A higher degree of reuse of Software is possible
  • During the Project, Project team can understand the requirements better
  • Total quality of the product is higher

The main features of USDP are as follows;

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Business Modelling with UML
  • Iterative Software Development
  • Component Based Architecture
  • Visual Modelling - UML

Requirement Engineering

  • A systematic approach to manage the dynamic requirements of during the life-cycle of a software project
  • Allows to understand, organize and document the demanded functionality of a well planned Software System
  • Allows to judge the chances in the requirements and assessing its affects
  • Efficient in Pursuing the planned changes and the decisions for the implementation

Business Modelling with UML

UML can be used to do the business modelling. Steps involved in Business Modelling with UML are:

  • Describe Current Business
  • Identify Business Process
  • Refine Business Process Definitions
  • Design process Realization
  • Refine Roles and Responsibilities
  • Explore Process Automation

Iterative Software Development

Component Based Architecture:

Based on reusable component for example CORBA

  • Provides reusable architecture
  • Can manage the complexity efficiently
  • Maintenance of the integration is easier
  • Basis for efficient project-management
  • Planning
  • Personal resources can be planned efficiently
  • Independent delivery of components
  • Well suited for offshore Development

Has to deal with functionality, performance, sturdiness, reusability and intelligibility of an Application.

Visual Modelling - UML

Visualizes the structure and the behavior of the entire system-architecture and component involved

  • Shows dependence's of the elements
  • Allows to show the details that are required
  • Provides Consistency between Design and Implementation
  • Helps to display and asses changes in the Architecture
  • Clear Communication
  • UML is an OMG Standard and recognised in the IT Industry










E-Banking Application :

Patcon has designed and developed virtual bank with traditional physical branch, containing all the basic module such as account operation, transfer of money, loan transaction, querying account and facility of demat account.

Private Banking Application:

Patcon has developed and successfully implemented the new software in a private Bank .This software is specially suited for the loan disbursement and monitoring follow ups for various types of loans such as:

  • Loan on Deposit
  • Credit Loan
  • Jewel Loan
  • Any other specific loan

The Bank shall be immensely benefited by installation of this software in the system. The software is very easy to operate and is selective to role based access to data, thereby confidentiality is maintained. it works on Windows based Client-Server Architecture.











E-Learning Platform is an innovative approach to distance learning in which computer-based training (CBT) is transformed by the technologies and methodologies of the World Wide Web.

Web-based training presents live content, in a structure allowing self-directed, self-paced instruction in any topic. WBT is media-rich training fully capable of evaluation, adaptation, and redemption, all independent of computer platform.

Web-based training is an ideal vehicle for delivering training to individuals anywhere in the world at any time. Web browsers that support 3-D virtual reality, animation, interactions, chat and conferencing, and real-time audio and video will Offer unparalleled training opportunities.

Patcon help simplify and demystify the world of E-Learning.

Our mission is to assist companies, universities and training institutes, both emerging and mature, leverage E-Learning to meet mission-critical business and technical objectives. The e-learning environment designed by us using hands on learning model that require students/professionals to complete project and expertise.

Our market proven courses are self -paced and available anytime, anywhere, so that students, professionals can advance as quickly as their ability allows and take classes at their convenience.

  • IT- Environment
    E-Learning Environment:
    Analysis+Design: UML
    Server: Weblogic,
    Client: Visual Café, Dreamweaver4.0
    Multimedia:Real Audio, Flash 5.0, Photoshop 6.0
    Database: Oracle 8











Patcon Group offers customized Internet solutions and software development services on various Internet and e-commerce platforms in the healthcare, insurance, telecom and manufacturing domains.

We specialize in providing solutions on e-commerce, application development, database design, back-end integration and web enabling of legacy systems across different industry segments. Our core competencies include:

  • Total solutions for any e-business needs and goals
  • Creating open, scalable e-business architectures
  • Portal development B2B/B2C
  • Creating company to company (extended enterprise) front ends and back ends for better supplier management, seamless information sharing, and enhanced solution selling
  • Developing web interfaces for Legacy Systems
  • Generic APIs - DLLs, Active X and JavaBean components
  • Cross Platform Porting and Conversions

Your company needs much more than a website. Your E-business application is your window to the world. It is how you will communicate with your suppliers and your vendors. It is a powerful marketing tool that will increase your visibility and standing with your clients.








Consulting & Engineering:

Patcon Provides Consulting and Software Engineering Services in the following area












Consulting & Engineering:

Business Process Engineering & Service Design

Potcon has extensive skills in Business Process Engineering. For our customers in Switzerland and in Germany we have used the following methods and tools

Methods & Tool:

  • ARIS
  • UML : Business Modelling with UML
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

Domain Know-how:

For a business Process Analysis, domain know-how is essential. We have a domain know-how in the following business area:

  • Telecom: Mobile, Fixed, Data Services & Internet Dienste
  • Private Banking
  • Insurance
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Information Technology
  • Services Design

Our Services

For Business Process Analysis & Services Design, Patcon provides the following Services:

  • Analysis of the business process of an organisation
  • Professional documentation of business process ( as well web-Based )
  • Development of organisation and recommendations to our customers
  • Field Test & Operations Test to implementation of business process
  • Support to develop IT - system based on the process analyse











Consulting and Engineering:

Requirements Engineering

  • A Systematic approach to manage the dynamic requirements during the life cycle of a software projects
  • Allows to understand, organise and document the demanded
    functionality of a Software System
  • Judging of the changes in the requirements and assessing the effects.
  • Pursuing the planned Changes and the decisions












Consulting & Engineering:

IT-Analysis & Design - Visual Modelling

  • Visualizes the structure and the behavior of the entire system-architecture and component involved
  • Shows dependences of the elements
  • Allows to show the details that are required
  • Provides Consistency between design and Implementation
  • Helps to display and assess changes in the Architecture
  • Clear communication
  • UML is a OMG Standard and recognized in the IT Industry











Consulting & Engineering:

Component Based Architecture Reusable component:

  • For Example CORBA
  • Reusable architecture
  • Manages the complexity
  • Maintenance of the integration
  • Basis for an efficient project-management:
  • Planning
  • Personal resources
  • Delivery

Has to deal with functionality, performance, sturdiness,
reusability and intelligibility of an Application.











Turnkey Software Project Development:

Software Development in Switzerland/Germany:

  • Software Development at the premises of Patcon
  • Placement at the Customer Site
  • Well qualified and experienced developers
  • Development of new Systems and Migration of IT System
  • Quality Management by Patcon











Recruitment of IT people for our companies in Germany and Switzerland.

Patcon recruit IT Professionals for our Corporate Offices in Switzerland and Germany.

Fundamental to the list of Services that we offer to our client's is the ability to quickly respond to client's requirement of skilled IT manpower on contract for short long term assignments. Patcon already has built up a large database of available skilled IT manpower resources spread across various skill sets and experience profile.

  • Enables your organization to minimize costs of recruitment and reduce staff overheads
  • Enables your organization to take up short-term projects without major rescheduling and over-budgeted manpower resources
  • Enables your organization to Patcon's existing manpower resources on core technical areas while still being able to satisfy customer requirements that may come up in other areas
  • Enables your organization to have a lean structure without compromising on ability to take up larger load. Enables your organization to react faster to customer requirements
  • All the above solutions lead to higher revenues, lower costs and therefore higher profits
  • Attractive Packages offered

Mail ur resume to Patcon Group. Click here to apply

Click here to know more about our Selection Procedure











Off-Shore Development:

Software Development in Switzerland/Germany:

Patcon proposes an onsite-offshore development model as shown in the diagram for the execution of the project.

Onsite phases - Some of the project phases, which depend heavily on discussions and inputs from the customer, would be executed wholly "onsite", at the customers premises

Offsite phases - Project phases that do not have much dependency on the customer personnel and consultants would be executed predominantly "offshore", at the Patcon's development center in Bangalore - India. This model has been adopted extensively in Patcon and it helps to leverage the organisational and infrastructure advantage of Patcon. Depending on the day-to-day liaison required for resolving issues with the client personnel, An Patcon onsite Project Leader would be responsible for liaison between the customer and the offsite team during the testing & implementation phases. In addition to the Onsite Project leader, there will be specialists working based on the need of the project phase like Detailed Analysis, Integration . & System Test and Acceptance Test

With the offshore development centers, Patcon achieves the following advantages over its competitors:

  • On budget, On time and On Plan Project Performance (3 O's)
  • High degree of cost efficiency
  • Shortest development time
  • Fast turn around time
  • Flexibility in development team
  • High quality in every phases of development
  • Advance technology and superior expertise in application and system software development in industries such as healthcare, insurance, telecom and manufacturing
  • Software Development at the premises of Patcon
  • Placement at the Customer Site
  • Well qualified and experienced developers
  • Development of new Systems and Migration of IT System
  • Quality Management by Patcon
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